H. Rotenberg: An Artist’s Journey

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By Judith A. Curtis

During a century of creative innovation, a result of the 1913 New York Armory Show, Harold Rotenberg became a driving force in the modern American art world. Rotenberg championed the cause of modern art through a personal vision and perceptiveness garnered from teaching some of the most able and gifted students of the avant-garde manner. Rotenberg's awareness spanned the instinctive, the lyrical, and the ingenious. His skill in conveying emotions with piquant color and pulsating brushwork evokes a sense of time, place and personality that testifies to the vigor of both man and artist.

As a man who has influenced the art world both as practitioner and as an educator, Harold Rotenberg deserves the respect his work has earned. Few artists can lay claim to lives, much less careers, spanning the better part of a century, and one can only admire his philosophy. ‘Even though I’m 100 years old,’ he remarked on his milestone birthday in 2005, ‘I’m always looking for adventure. Life is an exciting adventure. Every day offers something different.’

Hardcover, 96 pages

Copyright 2010 Judi Rotenberg Ross Zucker with Rockport Art Association