After Completion: The Later Letters of Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff

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Softcover, 293 pages.

Edited by Sharon Thesen and Ralph Maud

Letters by Charles Olson © the University of Connecticut Libraries. Letters by Frances Boldereff © Lucinda Wilner.

Introduction © 2014 Sharon Thesen. Part introductions © 2014 Ralph Maud

Modern American poet Charles Olson had many correspondences over the years, but Frances Boldereff, a book designer and typographer, James Joyce scholar, and single working mother, embodied a dynamic complexity of interlocutor, muse, Sybil, lover, critic and amanuensis.

The correspondence taken as a whole presents a passionate relationship realized mostly in letters—letters that were to become essential to Olson’s working out of his poetics. Boldereff’s interventions, which provoked Olson to articulate a projectivist poetics, claims for Frances Boldereff an incalculable effect on twentieth-century poetry