Strong Breezes & Passing Clouds: An Installation by Diane KW

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Essay By Stephanie Buck

A bound guide to the permanent installation at the Cape Ann Museum by ceramic artist Diane KW. This full color catalog features an introduction to the installation written by the artist, an essay by CAM Librarian/Archivist Stephanie Buck, and a full inventory of the ceramic shards with transcription of the diary and logbook text.

Strong Breezes & Passing Clouds is a permanent work made up of approximately 200 shipwreck shards and six Chinese export plates installed on five walls of “functional” space at the Cape Ann Museum. The shards date from circa 1625 to 1865 and the Chinese export plates from circa 1735 to 1750. Excerpts from the 1838 ship’s log of Gloucester Captain Edward Babson of the brig Cadet and the 1838 diary of his wife, Amanda Babson, have been applied to the shipwreck shards and the Chinese export plates. Interspersed amidst the diary and log entries are family photos and excerpts from the Gloucester Marine Journal reporting ships lost or missing at sea as well as excerpts from the brig Cadet's accounts book

Softcover, 66 Pages. Copyright 2014, Cape Ann Museum